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Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

In today’s marketplace, the ability to utilize data to provide support for business decisions is a skill that every businessperson needs. Whether you want to expand your skill set for your current career or are looking for an edge in the competitive job market, you will learn in-demand skills related to business and data—and how to communicate your findings to your organization.

Focus on the tools, skills and techniques for analyzing business data in the eRasmussen Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Professional Certificate—a non-degree, non-credit training course to add cutting-edge skills to your portfolio. 1

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Combine Data with Business Needs

In the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Professional Certificate, you will learn how to translate quantitative and qualitative data into appropriate visualizations. This includes an introduction to data collection, data warehouses and data mining in order to learn how the use of data supports business intelligence efforts.

It’s not only important to know how to analyze data, but how to communicate the data to others in your organization. These skills transfer across multiple industries and business needs.


Evolve Your Career

Cultivate in-demand, relevant job skills quickly and increase income potential without an overwhelming investment of time or money.

Data for Every Business

An understanding of business data is imperative in today’s digital economy.

Upskill Your Career

A Certificate that sharpens your skills can help advance your career. Data visualization skills had a 300% increase in job postings from 2014–2018. 5

Build Your Resume

The job market validates the need for these types of skills, such as business intelligence, which was requested 39% more frequently in job postings from 2014–2018. 5

Program Elements

What You Will Learn

  • COURSE 1

    Introduction to Business Intelligence

    • Develop the skills and understanding related to techniques used for analyzing business performance data
    • Enhance your presentation skills and learn to provide support for business planning
    • Apply query development, reporting and analytical tools to help guide business decision-making
    • Learn about statistical analysis, basic database design and business process modeling
    • Examine the utilization of information to support appropriate problem solutions
  • COURSE 2

    Introduction to Data Visualization

    • Apply skills and techniques for analyzing existing business performance to data to provide support for business planning
    • Demonstrate the competency to plan an end-to-end business intelligence process, as well as platform, database and analytical tool usage
    • Enhance skills in processing and analyzing data, quality assurance and regulatory adherence
    • Prepare data for consumption and learn how to present findings to a business audience
    • Create visualizations to help guide business decision-making
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Support your organization with detailed data analysis.

Two Courses

Completing these courses will qualify you for the Professional Certificate. Show your proficiency by sharing your badges and certificate on your resume or LinkedIn®.



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Why Rasmussen

Affordable and Convenient

Engaging content using videos, infographics and interactive elements emphasize skill mastery; not just theory. Earning a Professional Certificate means quickly realizing the benefits of your new proficiencies with validated skill competencies to showcase on your resume.

  • Career training that’s easy to manage

    • Only $195 per course
    • Free trial gives up to seven days to request a refund
    • Cloud-based and available on your time
    • Average completion time per course is just six to eight hours 2
    • Easily digestible content units (45–90 minutes), including video, imagery and interactive elements that keep you engaged
    • Our courses save your progress in real time, allowing you to pause your work and complete it later

2 courses

$195 per course

7-day risk-free trial 3

100% online


  • About Enrollment

    About Enrollment

    • When can I register?

      Registration and enrollment are on demand and always available.

    • After enrolling, when will I receive additional program details?

      After payment is processed, it may take a few minutes, but the course will become available on your dashboard. At this time, all coursework will be available to you.

    • Is financial aid available?

      No, financial aid is not available for Professional Certificates. Some employers, however, reimburse students for professional development. Check with your human resources or professional development team to see whether you qualify.

    • What is the refund policy?

      Each course has a free trial of up to seven days after payment. In seven days or fewer, a refund can be requested. No refund is available after eight days or more.

    • Who can enroll?

      eRasmussen Professional Certificate courses are available to individuals seeking professional development in the United States except California.

  • About Access

    About Access

    • How long will I have access to this online course?

      You will have access to each course in which you’re registered for 90 days after the payment date.

    • How long does the program take to complete?

      Individual courses are estimated to take about four to six hours to complete.

    • Are extensions granted if requested?

      No. Sufficient time to complete coursework has been built into each course of the Professional Certificate. If a course is not finished and a learner wants to re-enroll to complete it, they will have to purchase the course again and restart from the beginning.

    • What are the technical requirements to access online courses?

      A fully functional PC or Mac® computer capable of running a Windows® virtual machine is required. ChromeBooks®, Android® devices, tablets and mobile phones are not recommended. An internet downstream connection speed of 2 Mbps or higher is strongly recommended.

      The following web browsers are formally supported and tested:

      • With PCs running Windows OS:

        • Firefox®
        • Microsoft Edge®
        • Google Chrome®
      • With Mac computers running OS X:

        • Google Chrome
        • Firefox
    • Can course materials be downloaded to save for later use?

      The materials used in this course—including video lessons, quizzes and tests—are copyrighted. They are intended for individual use by registered learner. Unauthorized or illegal use, or attempted unauthorized or illegal use, of these materials may result in a suspension and/or cancellation of the user’s account.

  • About Courses

    About Courses

    • Do courses or Professional Certificates qualify as credits toward a degree?

      No. These are non-credit, non-degree resources intended for professional development. Although courses apply toward Professional Certificates, neither the courses nor the Certificates transfer toward a degree.

    • Do courses or Professional Certificates qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU)?

      No. These are intended for individual professional development, but do not qualify for CEUs.

    • How many courses are there for the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Professional Certificate?

      There are two courses for the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Professional Certificate.

    • Are there prerequisites for this Certificate?

      No, there are no prerequisites for any courses toward Professional Certificates.

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You have up to seven days from purchase date to request a refund for each training within a Professional Certificate.

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  1. The content and professional certificates offered under eRasmussen are different from the academic programs offered by Rasmussen College. Professional certificates are intended for the purposes of professional development and training and are not intended to prepare individuals for entry-level employment. They are non-credit, non-accredited, non-licensed and are not intended to transfer to any institution of higher education.

  2. Students must complete all work in the assessment within 90 days.

  3. A refund totaling the amount paid for an individual course will be issued to any participant who requests cancellation within 7 calendar days of starting a course. No badge or certificate will be issued for courses where a participant requests a refund, even if the work was completed prior to the end of the 7-day trial timeframe. Payments are made via PayPal and refunds will be issued via PayPal.

  4. LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation.

  5. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, [career information accessed May 10, 2019] Employment conditions in your area may vary.
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